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    Benches & Racks

    • Electric Spa Bed AM001

      Electric Spa Bed AM001

      An easy-to-use electric lift spa bed that can be adjusted in height of 300mm using the controller, providing great convenience for clients and practitioners. Utilizing a sturdy steel frame, durable and reliable cushioning gives you a lift spa bed that will provide years of trouble-free service for the budget-conscious practitioner who insists on quality.

    • 2-Tier 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack U3077S

      2-Tier 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack U3077S

      The Evost Series 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack is compact and fit 5 pairs of dumbbells which is friendly to limited training areas such as hotels and apartments.

    • Vertical Plate Tree U3054

      Vertical Plate Tree U3054

      The Evost Series Vertical Plate Tree is an important part of the free weight training area. Offering a large capacity for weight plate storage in a minimal footprint, six small diameter weight plate horns accommodate Olympic and Bumper plates, allowing for easy loading and unloading.

    • Vertical Knee Up U3047

      Vertical Knee Up U3047

      The Evost Series Knee Up is designed to train a range of core and lower body, with curved elbow pads and handles for comfortable and stable support, and a full-contact back pad can further help stabilize the core. Additional raised foot pads and handles provide support for dip training.

    • Super Bench U3039

      Super Bench U3039

      A versatile training gym bench, The Evost Series Super Bench is a popular piece of equipment in every fitness area. Whether it’s free weight training or combined equipment training, Super Bench demonstrates a high standard of stability and fit. The large adjustable range allows users to perform most strength training.

    • Stretch Trainer E3071

      Stretch Trainer E3071

      The Evost Series Stretch Trainer is designed to provide a very effective and safe solution for warm-up and cool-down before and after a workout. A proper warm-up before training can activate muscles in advance and enter the training state faster. Not only that, but it can effectively prevent injuries during and after exercise.

    • Squat Rack U3050

      Squat Rack U3050

      The Evost Series Squat Rack offers multiple bar catches to ensure the correct starting position for different squat workouts. The inclined design ensures a clear training path, and the double-sided limiter protects the user from the injury caused by the sudden drop of the barbell.

    • Seated Preacher Curl U3044

      Seated Preacher Curl U3044

      The Evost Series Seated Preacher Curl is designed to provide users with targeted comfort training to effectively activate the biceps. The easily adjustable seat accommodates users of different sizes, the elbow rests help with proper customer positioning, and the dual barbell catch provides two starting positions.

    • Power Cage U3048

      Power Cage U3048

      The Evost Series Power Cage is a solid and stable strength tool that can serve as the foundation for any strength training. Whether a seasoned lifter or a beginner, you can train safely and effectively in Power Cage. Multiple extensibility capabilities and easy-to-use pull-up handles for exercisers of all sizes and abilities

    • Olympic Seated Bench U3051

      Olympic Seated Bench U3051

      The Evost Series Olympic Seated Bench features an adjustable seat provides correct and comfortable positioning, and the integrated limiters on both sides maximize the protection of exercisers from sudden dropping of Olympic bars. The non-slip spotter platform provides the ideal assisted training position, and the footrest provides extra support.

    • Olympic Incline Bench U3042

      Olympic Incline Bench U3042

      The Evost Series Olympic Incline Bench is designed to provide safer and more comfortable incline press training. The fixed seatback angle helps the user to position correctly. Adjustable seat accommodates users of different sizes. The open design makes it easy to enter and exit the equipment, while the stable triangular posture makes training more efficient.

    • Olympic Flat Bench U3043

      Olympic Flat Bench U3043

      The Evost Series Olympic Flat Bench provides a solid and stable training platform with the perfect combination of bench and storage rack. Optimal press training results are ensured through accurate positioning.

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