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    • Physical Motion Trainer X9101

      Physical Motion Trainer X9101

      To improve the performance of cardio and meet the variety training needs of exercisers, the Physical Motion Trainer came into being to provide more diversified training for exercisers of all levels. The PMT combines running, jogging, stepping, and will automatically adapt the best motion path according to the user’s current exercise mode.

    • Physical Motion Trainer X9100

      Physical Motion Trainer X9100

      To improve the performance of cardio and meet the variety training needs of exercisers, the Physical Motion Trainer came into being to provide more diversified training for exercisers of all levels. X9100 not only support the dynamic adjustment of stride length to adapt to exercisers of all levels, but also support manual adjustment through console, providing an infinite range of stride paths to exercise several muscle groups.

    • Treadmill X8900P

      Treadmill X8900P

      The most powerful series in DHZ Treadmill, is almost fully equipped in terms of functions, including 32-inch full-view LCD screen, wireless charging function, stable trapezoidal design, etc…. Simulated ground buffering system to reduce knee pressure. The wider running belt and the stepped up and down method provide you with the perfect running solution.

    • Treadmill X8900

      Treadmill X8900

      The flagship model in the DHZ Treadmill. Whether it’s the cardio zone of a professional club, or a small gym, this series can meet your needs of treadmill. Including double-sided trapezoidal design away from static troubles, aluminum alloy stable columns, optional Android smart console, etc.

    • Treadmill X8600P

      Treadmill X8600P

      Thanks to the excellent supply chain of DHZ, the X8600 Plus has been upgraded for the user experience under the controllable cost. Handrail with anti-static design, mobile phone wireless charging, etc. At the same time, the X8600 Plus also supports the optional Android system console.

    • Treadmill X8600

      Treadmill X8600

      In the DHZ Treadmills, the birth of the X8600 Series brings a bright feeling to the users, and the all-metal handrail and upright columns are perfectly integrated with the main body of the treadmill. Whether it is gray elegance or silver vitality, it is a unique landscape line in your cardio zone.

    • Treadmill X8500

      Treadmill X8500

      A premium line of treadmills that combine eye-catching design and practicality to keep the exerciser focused while walking or running. Thanks to the shock absorption system, the stress on the joints of the exercisers can be reduced. With the support of the Android console, users can create the most comfortable cardio experience for themselves.

    • Treadmill X8400

      Treadmill X8400

      To make the product more suitable for the needs of users, DHZ Fitness has never stopped optimizing and updating the product. Larger console, optional Android system display, optimized handrail, etc. Despite the upgraded equipment, providing stable and easy-to-use cardio equipment at an attractive price remains our core purpose.

    • Treadmill X8300

      Treadmill X8300

      The angular design and modern configuration have established the position of the X8300 Series in the DHZ Treadmills. Handrail with ambient lighting bring a new experience to running. Support Android system touch console with USB port, Wi-Fi, etc., which is different from the preset-program one, with higher degree of freedom and better experience.

    • Treadmill X8200A

      Treadmill X8200A

      As a classic one in DHZ Treadmills, which is widely recognized by users for its simple and intuitive LED console, stable and reliable quality. 0-15° adjustable gradient, maximum speed 20km/h with emergency stop switch, to ensure the safety of users in the process of fully enjoying running.

    • Curve Treadmill A7000

      Curve Treadmill A7000

      The Curve Treadmill is designed for professional athletes and advanced exercisers. It allows users to have complete control over their training. The purely manual design provides unlimited mobility, equipping each user with the ability to maintain an effective training pace and allowing them to perform repetitive and long training sessions.

    • Elliptical Fixed Slope X9300

      Elliptical Fixed Slope X9300

      As a new member of the DHZ Elliptical Cross Trainer, this device adopts a simple transmission structure and a traditional rear-drive design, which further reduces the cost while ensuring its stability, making it more competitive as an indispensable equipment in the cardio zone. Simulating the path of normal walking and running through a unique stride path, but compared to treadmills, it has less knee damage and is more suitable for beginners and heavy-weight trainers.

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