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    • Abdominal Isolator E7073

      Abdominal Isolator E7073

      The Fusion Pro Series Abdominal Isolator is designed in a kneeling position. The advanced ergonomic pads not only help users maintain the correct training position, but also enhances the training experience of the exercisers. The unique split-type motion arms design of the Fusion Pro Series allows exercisers to strengthen the training of the weak side.

    • Abductor E7021

      Abductor E7021

      The Fusion Pro Series Abductor features an easy-adjust start position for both inner and outer thigh exercises. Improved ergonomic seat and back cushions provide users with stable support and a more comfortable experience. The pivoting thigh pads combined with an adjustable starting position allow the user to quickly switch between the two workouts.

    • Back Extension E7031

      Back Extension E7031

      The Fusion Pro Series Back Extension have a walk-in design with adjustable back rollers, allowing the exerciser to freely choose the range of motion. At the same time, the Fusion Pro Series optimizes the pivot point of the motion arm to connect it with the main body of the equipment, improving stability and durability.

    • Biceps Curl E7030

      Biceps Curl E7030

      The Fusion Pro Series Biceps Curl has a scientific curl position. Adaptive handle for comfortable grip, gas-assisted seat adjustment system, optimized transmission which all make the training easier and effective.

    • Dip Chin Assist E7009

      Dip Chin Assist E7009

      The Fusion Pro Series Dip/Chin Assist is optimized for pull-ups and parallel bars. The standing posture is used instead of the kneeling posture for training, which is closer to the real training situation. There are two training modes, assisted and unassisted, for users to freely adjust the training plan.

    • Glute Isolator E7024

      Glute Isolator E7024

      The Fusion Pro Series Glute Isolator based on the floor standing position and is designed to train the muscles of the glutes and standing legs. Both the elbow and chest pads have been ergonomically optimized to ensure comfort in training support. The motion part feature fixed double-layer tracks, with specially calculated track angles for optimal biomechanics.

    • Lat Pulldown E7012

      Lat Pulldown E7012

      The Fusion Pro Series Lat Pulldown follows the usual design style of this category, with the pulley position on the device allowing the user to move smoothly in front of the head. The Prestige Series powered gas assist seat and adjustable thigh pads make it easier for exercisers to use and adjust.

    • Lateral Raise E7005

      Lateral Raise E7005

      The Fusion Pro Series Lateral Raise is designed to allow exercisers to maintain a sitting posture and easily adjust the height of the seat to ensure that the shoulders are aligned with the pivot point for effective exercise. The gas-assisted seat adjustment and multi-start position adjustment are added to improve the user’s experience and actual needs.

    • Leg Extension E7002

      Leg Extension E7002

      The Fusion Pro Series Leg Extension is designed to help exercisers focus on the major muscles of the thigh. Angled seat and back pad encourage full quadriceps contraction. A self-adjusting tibia pad provides comfortable support, the adjustable back cushion allows the knees to be easily aligned with the pivot axis to achieve good biomechanics.

    • Leg Press E7003

      Leg Press E7003

      The Fusion Pro Series Leg Press is efficient and comfortable when training the lower body. The angled adjustable seat allows easy positioning for different users. The large foot platform offers a variety of training modes, including calf exercises. Integrated assist handles on both sides of the seat allow the exerciser to better stabilize the upper body during training.

    • Long Pull E7033

      Long Pull E7033

      The Fusion Pro Series LongPull follows the usual design style of this category. As a mature and stable mid row training device, the LongPull has a raised seat for easy entry and exit, and independent footrests support users of all sizes. The use of flat oval tubes further improves the stability of the equipment.

    • Rear Delt&Pec Fly E7007

      Rear Delt&Pec Fly E7007

      The Fusion Pro Series Rear Delt / Pec Fly offer a comfortable and efficient manner to train upper body muscle groups. The adjustable rotating arm is designed to adapt to the arm length of different users, providing the correct training posture. Oversized handles reduce the extra adjustment needed to switch between the two sports, and gas-assisted seat adjustment and wider back cushions further enhance the training experience.

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