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    • Prone Leg Curl E7001

      Prone Leg Curl E7001

      Thanks to the prone design of The Fusion Pro Series Prone Leg Curl, users can easily and comfortably use the device to strengthen calf and hamstring muscles. The design of eliminating the elbow pad makes the structure of the equipment more concise, and the divergent body pad angle eliminates the pressure on the lower back and makes training more focused.

    • Pulldown E7035

      Pulldown E7035

      The Fusion Pro Series Pulldown features a split-type design with independent diverging movements that provide a natural path of motion. Thigh pads provide stable support, and the angled gas-assisted adjustment seat can help users easily position themselves correctly for good biomechanics.

    • Rotary Torso E7018

      Rotary Torso E7018

      The Fusion Pro Series Rotary Torso maintains the usual design of this type of equipment for comfort and performance. The kneeling position design is adopted, which can stretch the hip flexors while reducing the pressure on the lower back as much as possible. The uniquely designed knee pads ensure the stability and comfort of use and provide protection for multi-posture training.

    • Seated Dip E7026

      Seated Dip E7026

      The Fusion Pro Series Seated Dip replicates the motion path of the traditional parallel bar push-up exercise, providing a comfortable and effective way to train the triceps and pecs. The angled back pad reduces pressure while improving stability and comfort.

    • Seated Leg Curl E7023

      Seated Leg Curl E7023

      The Fusion Pro Series Seated Leg Curl features a new construction designed to provide more comfortable and efficient leg muscle training. The angled seat and adjustable back pad allow the user to better align the knees with the pivot point to promote full hamstring contraction.

    • Shoulder Press E7006

      Shoulder Press E7006

      The Fusion Pro Series Shoulder Press offers a new motion trajectory solution that simulates natural motion paths. The dual-position handle supports more training styles, and the angled back and seat pads help users maintain a better training position and provide corresponding support.

    • Standing Calf E7010

      Standing Calf E7010

      The Fusion Pro Series Standing Calf is designed to train the calf muscles safely and effectively. Adjustable height shoulder pads can fit most users, combined with anti-slip foot plates and handles for safety. The Standing Calf provides effective training for the calf muscle group by standing on tiptoes.

    • Vertical Press E7008

      Vertical Press E7008

      The Fusion Pro Series Vertical Press is great for training upper body muscle groups. Assisted footrests are eliminated, and an adjustable back pad is used to provide a flexible starting position, which balanced both comfort and performance. The split-type motion design allows exercisers to choose a variety of training programs. The low pivot of the movement arm ensures proper path of motion and easy entrance/exit to and from the unit.

    • Vertical Row E7034

      Vertical Row E7034

      The Fusion Pro Series Vertical Row features a split-type motion design with adjustable chest pads and a gas-assisted adjustable seat. The 360-degree rotating adaptive handle supports multiple training programs for different users. Users can comfortably and effectively strengthen the muscles of the upper back and lats with the Vertical Row.

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