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    • Super Squat U2065

      Super Squat U2065

      The Prestige Series Super Squat offers both forward and reverse squat training modes to activate the major muscles of the thighs and hips. The wide, angled foot platform keeps the user’s path of motion on an incline plane, greatly releasing pressure on the spine. The locking lever will automatically drop when you start training and can be easily reset by pedaling when you exit.

    • Smith Machine U2063

      Smith Machine U2063

      The Prestige Series Smith Machine is popular among users as an innovative, stylish, and safe plate loaded machine. The vertical motion of the Smith bar provides a stable path to assist exercisers in achieving the correct squat. Multiple locking positions allow users to stop training by rotating the Smith bar at any point during process of the exercise, and a cushioned base on the bottom protects the machine from damage caused by a sudden drop of the load bar.

    • Seated Calf U2062

      Seated Calf U2062

      The Prestige Series Seated Calf allows the user to activate the calf muscle groups rationally using body weight and additional weight plates. Easily adjustable thigh pads support users of different sizes, and the seated design removes spinal pressure for a more comfortable and effective training. The start-stop catch lever ensures safety when starting and ending training.

    • Incline Level Row U2061

      Incline Level Row U2061

      The Prestige Series Incline Level Row uses the inclined angle to transfer more load to the back, effectively activate the back muscles, and the chest pad ensures stable and comfortable support. The dual-foot platform allows users of different sizes to be in the correct training position, and the dual-grip boom provides multiple possibilities for back training.

    • Hack Squat U2057

      Hack Squat U2057

      The Prestige Series Hack Squat simulates the motion path of a ground squat, providing the same experience as free weight training. Not only that, but the special angle design also eliminates the shoulder load and spinal pressure of traditional ground squats, stabilizes the exerciser’s center of gravity on the inclined plane, and ensures the straight transmission of force.

    • Angled Leg Press Linear Bearing U2056S

      Angled Leg Press Linear Bearing U2056S

      The Prestige Series Angled Leg Press features heavy duty commercial linear bearings for smooth motion and durable. The 45-degree angle and two starting positions simulate an optimal leg-pressure movement, but with spinal pressure removed. The ergonomically optimized seat design provides accurate body positioning and support, the four weight horns on the footplate allow users to easily load the weight plates.

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