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    • Abdominal Isolator U3073T

      Abdominal Isolator U3073T

      The Tasical Series Abdominal Isolators adopt a walk-in and minimalist design without excessive adjustments. The uniquely designed seat pad provides strong support and protection during training. The rollers provide effective cushioning for movement. Counter balanced weight provides a low start resistance to ensure exercise is performed smoothly and safety.

    • Abductor U3022RT

      Abductor U3022RT

      The Tasical Series Abductor targets the hip abductor muscles, more commonly known as the glutes. The weight stack shields the exerciser’s front well to protect the privacy during use, which help exercisers achieve better training performance. The foam protection pad provides good protection and cushioning. A comfortable exercise process makes it easier for the exerciser to focus on the force of the glutes.

    • Adductor U3022LT

      Adductor U3022LT

      The Tasical Series Adductor targets the adductor muscles while providing privacy by positioning the exerciser toward the weight stack tower. The foam protection pad provides good protection and cushioning. A comfortable exercise process makes it easier for the exerciser to focus on the force of the adductor muscles.

    • Abductor&Adductor U3021T

      Abductor&Adductor U3021T

      The Tasical Series?Abductor & Adductor features an easy-adjust start position for both inner and outer thigh exercises. Dual foot pegs accommodate a wide range of exercisers. The seat and back pad have been ergonomically optimized for better support and comfort. And pivoting thigh pads are angled for improved function and comfort during workouts, making it easier for exercisers to focus on muscle strength.

    • Back Extension U3031T

      Back Extension U3031T

      The Tasical Series Back Extension have a walk-in design with adjustable back rollers, allowing the exerciser to freely choose the range of motion. The widened waist pad provides comfortable and excellent support throughout the entire range of motion. The entire device also inherits the advantages of the Tasical Series, simple lever principle, excellent sports experience.

    • Biceps Curl U3030T

      Biceps Curl U3030T

      The Tasical Series Biceps Curl has a scientific curl position, with a comfortable automatic adjustment handle, which can adapt to different users. The single-seater adjustable ratchet can not only help the user find the correct movement position, but also ensure the best comfort. Effective stimulation of the biceps can make the training more perfect.

    • Dip Chin Assist U3009

      Dip Chin Assist U3009

      The Tasical Series Dip/Chin Assist not only can it be used as a part of the serial modular core of a plug-in workstation or a multi-person station, but it is also a mature dual-function system. Large steps, comfortable knee pads, rotatable tilt handles and multi-position pull-up handles are part of the highly versatile dip/chin assist device. The knee pad can be folded to realize the user’s unassisted exercise. The linear bearing mechanism provides guarantee for the overall stability and durability of the equipment.

    • Glute Isolator U3024T

      Glute Isolator U3024T

      The Tasical Series Glute Isolator based on the standing position on the ground, targets to train the muscles of the hips and standing legs. Elbow pads, adjustable chest pads and handles provide stable support for different users. The use of fixed floor feet instead of counterweight plates enhances the stability of the device while increasing the space for movement, the exerciser enjoys a stable thrust to maximize hip extension.

    • Incline Press U3013T

      Incline Press U3013T

      The Tasical Series of Incline Press meet the needs of different users for incline presses with a small adjustment through adjustable seat and back pad. The dual-position handle can meet the comfort and exercise diversity of exercisers. The reasonable trajectory allows users to train in a less spacious environment without feeling crowded or restrained.

    • Lateral Raise U3005T

      Lateral Raise U3005T

      The Tasical Series Lateral Raise is designed to allow exercisers to maintain a sitting posture and easily adjust the height of the seat to ensure that the shoulders are aligned with the pivot point for effective exercise. The upright open design makes the device easy to enter and exit.

    • Leg Extension U3002T

      Leg Extension U3002T

      The Tasical Series Leg Extension have multiple starting positions, which can be adjusted freely according to user needs to improve exercise flexibility. The adjustable ankle pad allows the user to choose the most comfortable posture in a small area. The adjustable back cushion allows the knees to be easily aligned with the pivot axis to achieve good biomechanics.

    • Leg Press U3003T

      Leg Press U3003T

      The Tasical Series of Leg Press have widened foot pads. To achieve a better training effect, the design allows full extension during exercises, and supports maintaining verticality to simulate a squat exercise. The adjustable seat back can provide different users with their desired starting positions.

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